GRH doctor develops fluorescence-based markers for use during radiotherapy

A professor of Radiology Physics of Madurai Medical College has been granted a patent by the Patent office of the Government of India for his innovation in developing fluorescence-based field setup marker used for cancer patients during radiotherapy. 

S. Senthil Kumar, professor and doctor at Government Rajaji Hospital, Madurai who was granted the patent, said the success of radiotherapy rests heavily on precise positioning of patients during each treatment session.  The major challenge faced by the doctors during this stage was maintaining consistency in patient setup throughout the process. “As skin markings serve as vital guides, ensuring the reproducibility and accuracy of treatment setup in radiotherapy is essential,” he said.  

However, current marking devices and protocols often fall short in terms of precision owing to various factors, which also underscored the urgent need for an alternative updated method to elevate the accuracy and precision of cancer patient positioning in radiotherapy, Dr. Senthil Kumar said.

On the pioneering features, he said the primary focus as to develop fluorescence-based markers, including patient isocentre setup markers, field corner markers and radiation border markers.  The new method can address the deficiencies in existing protocols. “As these markers are highly visible on field light and the positioning cross line lasers due to the fluorescence, they help facilitate a quick and accurate patient setup,” Dr. Senthil Kumar said.  

This fluorescence method is cost-effective, very flexible and easily fixable. One can also get greater accuracy and improved visibility, besides saving time, he added on its advantages.  

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