Newest luxury submersible offers ocean explorers champagne and blackjack

When OceanGate’s under-tested Titan submersible went missing last summer, it captured the attention of millions worldwide. Authorities frantically scoured the North Atlantic Ocean for days only to eventually determine the small vessel had catastrophically implodedkilling its five passengers instantly. The tragic incident doesn’t appear to have actually slowed demand or interest in the vessels among its audience of passionate, and often wealthy, underwater exploration enthusiasts. The latest in ocean submersibles by a different company, Triton, recently delivered its most eye-catching submersible to date dubbed the 660/9 AVA. This particular submersible won’t dive as deep as some industry competitors—or as deep as the Triton 36000/2 aka Limiting Factor which Triton says is “the deepest diving sub in the world.” However, the new 660/9 AVA does promise passengers an over-the-top, luxurious experience. 

660/9 AVA can plunge 600 feet below the surface. (Deep-sea technically begins at 656 feet.) The submersible will offer eight passengers and a pilot a panoramic view of the water world surrounding them. In a video released this week highlighting the submersible, Triton described the 660/9 AVA as “a vessel of discovery crafted for extraordinary experiences.” Triton delivered its first 660/9 AVA to a cruise company earlier this month.PlayNewest luxury submersible offers ocean explorers champagne and blackjack video player is currently playing an ad. You can skip the ad in 5 sec with a mouse or keyboard

The vessel’s elongated, bubble-like design is part of what Triton describes as the world’s first “free-form acrylic pressure hull.” Occupants who can afford a trip in the glitzy submersible can explore marine life in style. Triton says passengers can engage in a variety of premium activities including “cocktail dives,” “spa treatment,” and “subsea gaming.” A render of the submersible on Triton’s website shows it equipped with a blackjack table, dining arrangements, and plenty of champagne. 

Triton derived its first 660/9 AVC to the firm Scenic Luxury Cruises & Tours earlier this month. That specific sub has been bestowed the name “Scenic Neptune II.” Over the next two years passengers will have the opportunity to lower the submersible down for a look though ocean waters off the coasts of New Zealand, Indonesia, and even East Antarctica. 

Tourists can enjoy a meal or even play blackjack while exploring the ocean floor.
Triton delivered its first 660/9 AVA to Scenic Luxury Cruises & Tours earlier this month. Credit: Titron/Nick Verola

“The clarity of the acrylic hull once submerged is such that you feel at one with the water,” Scenic Luxury Cruises & Tours Director of Discovery Operations Jason Flesher said in a statement. “Encountering the vibrant marine life of the South Pacific and Australia’s Great Barrier Reef within Scenic Neptune II will create memories to last a lifetime.” 

Triton was founded in 2007. Since then, its fleet of various submersibles have been used for everything from deep-sea research and film making to ambitious ocean exploration. Some of the biggest celebrity names in submersible ocean exploration, like hedge fund manager Ray Dalio and acclaimed film director James Cameron, have previously partnered with the company. Both Dalio and Cameron have expressed interest in using vessels like these to discover new parts of the ocean still shrouded in darkness.

Updates 04/26/24: The spelling of “Triton” has been corrected in the final paragraph of this postA mention of Triton’s other, deeper-diving sub has been added.

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